World Relief Modesto volunteers play a vital role in serving newly arrived refugees by providing mentorship, friendship, and general assistance.  Some specific things that volunteers do include...

  • Welcomers (Airport pickup): More than just transportation to their new home, a warm welcome at the airport is an invaluable gift to travel-worn refugees.

  • Roadrunners (Drivers): Help refugees get to the necessary caseworker and medical appointments during their first couple weeks in America.

  • ESL Tutors and Conversation Partners: Choose your weekday(s) and help in a structured classroom or practice English with refugees in their homes after work/school. (Requires prior teaching/tutoring experience).

  • Movers and Apartment Setup: Assist our staff in gathering donations, setting up housing, and purchasing groceries for new arrivals.

  • Refugee Partners: Meet on a weekly basis with an assigned refugee/family and walk with them in their journey as they integrate into their new Stanislaus community.

  • Community/Cultural Guides: Help orient refugees to their new community and the public resources available to them such as public transportation, shopping, banking, library services.

  • Teach a life-skills class: Budgeting, cooking, computer skills, home safety, etc.

  • Employment/Health Advocates: Prepare and connect refugees to job leads or assist them in navigating our US healthcare system.

  • Interpreters/Translators needed!

 We also have multiple volunteer projects for groups:

  • Buy groceries for a refugee family

  • Provide a “Welcome Kit” for refugees (email us for a list of needed items)

  • Coordinate a Resource Drive

  • Have a family over for dinner

  • Develop a Good Neighbor Team 

To apply to be a volunteer, click here to fill out the volunteer application.

If you have questions, please contact:

T (209) 491-2712 ext. 106