As refugees arrive in Modesto, they rarely bring more than the clothes they are wearing and a few bags. Families must completely restart their lives and rebuild their homes from scratch. World Relief prepares apartments for new arrivals and provides furniture, bedding, and kitchen necessities.

Donations of other basic items such as furniture, blankets, pillows, towels, dishes, small appliances, and lamps are needed and will create a more welcoming environment for a newly arrived refugee. All donations made to World Relief are tax deductible. 

donate items​

Items accepted by World Relief Modesto World Relief Modesto accepts a variety of items to help refugees begin to build their new lives in Modesto. Because World Relief Modesto is required by the U.S. Department of State to provide every newly arrived refugee with several specific items, there are some items which are needed more often than others.  For example, each refugee must have a bed, but it is not necessary for each refugee to have a television. Below is a list of items we are always in need of. 

Donate your car

Donating Cars Transportation in an important part of daily life. For a refugee, a car can provide a secure and sure way to get to their new job and provide for their family. 

Online donation

Donating Money Cash donations allow us to help families in crisis with rent, medical supplies, or other such needs. 


Donating your time You can offer your time to work with an individual family or a special project at our office.  

If you have any household and furniture items you wish to donate, please contact
209-491-2712 ext 102