Hello to all the World Relief Modesto fans,volunteers, supporters, and web surfers. Good to meet you. This is our first blog post in a while, and we have decided to make this a regular occurrence. We want you all to be in the loop about the happenings in the community of Modesto, CA and surrounding areas.

Lately, we have had so many blessings happen here in the lives of our refugees.The first being a small group of men from a local church called Covenant Grove has stepped up as leaders to help serve the refugee men. We have been praying for a long while for the men in our community to come alongside the refugee men to create a community to help search for jobs, raise families, and talk about issues that men face in a safe environment.

We have always had teas for the men and women once a month, but we needed more. We needed something for the men to be men and fellowship together. As a staff of only four and ALL WOMEN, this was hard to think of ideas for the men. We know how to serve the women, and what they go through as mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters, but when it came to the needs of the men, it became difficult. So when the men stepped up and took ownership, it was truly a God send.
We now have had our first official men’s dinner. We were expecting 25 and we had a total of 48 men. 27 American men and 21 refugee men shared a delicious meal and shared their stories with each other. It was a huge success and the men asked for more events like this. The challenge to the men was that they invite a friend to the next dinner. We are expecting 100 men and are praying that God lead the men and us as women how to better serve these refugee men.

We as a staff here at World Relief are so excited to see where God leads this group and what doors he opens to serve every refugee. We would ask that we can better serve our growing community of Burmese refugees as well, and as always help the women and children as well. We know he will provide and we are excited to hear more stories of changed lives through our volunteers, refugees, and other organizations here in this area.