Dan Castro, an 11th grade student at Central Catholic High School, has done great things for World Relief. Twice, Dan has bought, hand wrapped, and donated a generous amount of gift baskets for refugee families. These baskets are filled with bathroom essentials, such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, and many other items that refugees can’t always get themselves. Not only is Dan an excellent student, maintaining a 4.6 GPA and also on the soccer and golf teams, but he is also very experienced in volunteer work. Through his school, he is involved in three service clubs: Social Justice Club, Interact Club, and Key Club. He also goes to the Caribbean every year to donate supplies, as well as his own birthday money, to an orphanage. World Relief is very important to Dan because his mom’s entire side of the family are refugees from Cuba. He has grown up with the stories of what his mother had to face as a refugee and because of that he feels obligated to help other refugees. His first experience donating baskets to World Relief was one of the most amazing things he’s done. He said that the genuine gratitude he saw on the refugees faces is one of the greatest feelings anyone can experience and he encourages everyone to volunteer. One of my favorite things Dan said was that with being a Christian, community service is very important. All he wants to do is help those who can’t help themselves. Dan is a wonderful volunteer, and we’re thankful for his outstanding help.